4 months

if you liking a person more than 4 months that mean you love that person. September, October, November, December, January, well I was liking him more than 4 months but doesn't mean I love him, it just I still curious about him.. and btw i will tell him my feeling toward him and I really want him to refuse and reject my feeling.. idk why.. and why should I tell him my feeling if I don't want to be with him?, it's because it's too late to cover my feeling, I have done many thing and everyone already know i like him, it's just so embarrassing when I suddenly disliking him.. and idk, i just want to confess my feeling soon and got dumped soon and my life comeback to normal with no boy or no man..


Hari ini - 9 Mei 2014

Hari ini Anggi ulang tahun kemaren Rinaldi ulang tahun, bentar lagi Ilham Ulang tahun...
Harus tau seminggu ini bete banget, aku dilanda frustasi musibah dll :v sedih banget.